French-Swiss private school in Lausanne
French-Swiss private school in Lausanne
Nature, a place to explore

Nature, a place to explore

Convinced of the benefits of nature for children's development and experienced in this original approach, Les Petits Savio day nursery wanted to make the most of the favourable environment of their structure, located in a large park, close to a forest and a river.

"Nature is a space for limitless exploration and experimentation. It's a place for children to play and learn, but above all it's an educational tool for developing their relationship with life. The three main aims are to give children pleasure, to help them develop as a whole, and to enable them to form an emotional relationship with nature."
Sarah Wauquiez, educationalist and author of the book Les Enfants des bois.

Nature-based education promotes children's mental, physical and cognitive development.
By stimulating the senses, the 5 senses of the young child are awakened.

Nature offers thousands of different materials free of charge. Every season is a new discovery of sounds, smells, textures and colours.
Outdoors, children's imaginations develop: they can invent anything, create anything.

Children take the initiative in their learning.
Their imagination is their only limit!
Contact with nature increases their capacity for concentration, memory and adaptation. It's a source of soothing, which also considerably improves sleep.

Walking, running and climbing help to develop motor skills.
It's a real way of teaching movement, awakening curiosity and exploration. Finding one's bearings in space is much more complex in nature than within four walls. 
What's more, children have a better understanding of their own abilities and limits, and develop greater self-esteem. 
The icing on the cake is that children who go out every day are less likely to fall ill, as their immune system is strengthened.

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