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French-Swiss private school in Lausanne
French-Swiss private school in Lausanne

My child is not Catholic, can he/she attend St Dominic Savio ?

Yes. It is not necessary to be Catholic to be a student at St. Dominic Savio and catechism classes are not compulsory. On the other hand, the daily moments of recollection and the high points of the school community (Masses on major feasts, diocesan gatherings) which punctuate the school year are open to all students.

If I enrol my child in first grade at the beginning of the school year 2023, how will he or she be able to complete his or her elementary education?

From the beginning of the school year 2024, the following levels (from CE1) will be open.

Can I enrol my child if he or she does not speak French?

Yes, because from nursery school (18 months) or kindergarten (30 months), bilingual education allows children to master the basics in French in order to follow a complete education in the French system.

Can the French curriculum be used to join the Swiss system?

Yes, our teachers are trained to teach the methods specific to the Swiss system (especially in mathematics). From CE1 (7 years old) this teaching is punctuated by preparation for the Cantonal Assessments and Tests (ECR) and the pupils begin to learn German.

What are the financial advantages for registering my child under 4?

For children under 4, childcare costs may be tax-free.

My child will be 3 this year. What class will he be in?

Children under 3 when they start school will be in TPS. At age 3, they enter PS (1P) and at age 4 MS (2P). 

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