French-Swiss private school in Lausanne
French-Swiss private school in Lausanne
In Lausanne: multilingualism is proving to be a major focus for education, says Benoît Bonnet

In Lausanne: multilingualism "is proving to be a major focus" for education, says Benoît Bonnet

Benoît Bonnet has almost 15 years' experience in teaching and education, both as a teacher and as director of a French school abroad. He is also a chevalier in the Ordre des Palmes Académiques. In charge of pedagogy for the Savio Education group, he has set himself the goal of offering Lausanne an unprecedented all-round teaching proposition.


What makes Savio Education special?

Savio Education aims to federate a network of schools in France and abroad. What makes Savio Education unique is its ability to integrate schools with diverse identities, in a way that is adapted to their situation, whether through partial or total takeover, partnership or even complete creation, as is the case in Lausanne.


So why create a new school in Lausanne?

Lausanne is a clearly international city, with a very strong demand for establishments capable of welcoming children from the earliest age, and in which the multilingual environment proves to be a major focus for the comprehensive training of pupils. We therefore responded to this request insofar as it fits in perfectly with Savio Education's educational project.


Who is it primarily aimed at?

In September 2023, Saint Dominique Savio will open its doors to families wishing to enroll their children in daycare ("Les Petits Savio", English-speaking from 18 months), kindergarten and first grade (up to age 7) to follow the French curriculum, 30% of which is taught in English. What's more, we cater to families who, like us, are committed to traditional learning methods and screen-free schooling, while at the same time favoring a pedagogical approach to afternoons focused on workshops, motor skills and school in the forest!


Why is it called Saint Dominic Savio?

For two reasons. Firstly, because it was the first school to be founded by the Savio group, and secondly, because it follows in the footsteps of this young Italian saint, and through him in the great and remarkable Salesian educational tradition. As such, "amorevollezza" (education in trust) is the 4th pillar of the school's pedagogical project.


What is integral education and what does it do for students?

Integral education is the sum total of the educational acts that a child receives from his or her parents (in the first instance) and from the school (which complements it) to enable him or her to develop all his or her faculties towards his or her highest end, which is happiness. More concretely, our schools are places where, alongside the academic curriculum, we offer students complementary training to help them develop their talents in the physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual spheres.


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