French-Swiss private school in Lausanne

KINDERGARTEN - Early Years(from 30 months to 3 years old)

The first experiences of life in a group for children from 2 ½ to 3 years old. The goal is to give them a positive experience of school and living together. Language and socialisation are the foundations of these early years. Language and socialization are the foundation of these early years. We are convinced that this will have an impact on their entire schooling. Our role is to take into account each child's individuality and to offer a safe environment, rich in experiences, and which allows positive interactions.


They learn to respect the rules of community life, to take turns, to create bonds with other children and also to observe the different times of the day.


In GST/PS, we lay the foundations that will allow your children to develop in the best possible conditions both in terms of learning and in their personal development. Through appreciation and a positive outlook, they gain self-confidence and self-esteem, which is the foundation for good self-development.

We use « La Boite à Bons-Points » learning books for the Early Years. Each new learning experience is preceded by fun activities that allow the child to manipulate, understand and anchor a new knowledge.


Use of language

  • To be able to express themselves in front of their peers


  • Enrich vocabulary through stories and games


  • To make the child aware of the sound component of words


  • Count to 5 and identify each digit


  • Construct numbers to express quantities


  • To explore shapes and sizes

Motor skills

  • Hold writing instruments appropriately


  • Explore materials and adapt their movements to the tool (mixing, decanting, blending, cutting, etc.)


  • To find one's bearings in time and space


  • To enrich one's body schema (knowledge of the different parts of the body, lateralization), to know how to control one's body and movements.

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